The 2024 Ski Season is Here!

We are so excited to be back out on the slopes this year! And, with a strong El Niño winter starting up, we are looking forward to some bigger snow events in the new year!

In the meantime, we have been busy collecting gear and donations to build our rental library. We recently made a large order of outerwear to help clothe those chilly kiddos out on the slopes. We now have a nice, new stockpile of bibs, mittens, base layers, socks and neck warmers to lend to kids in addition to all the donated gear that we have collected.

Also, Edge of the World Snowboard shop has generously donated 25 new helmets and 30 pairs of goggles to add to our library! Thanks Jeff!

We have even partnered with ReGear Outdoors to resell some of the donated gear that is too big for children so that we can add more funds to the treasury. Thanks Rio!

Recently, our Executive Director Sam Brown was invited onto the WATA 96.5FM Morning show with Mark Norris to give an interview about Gear For Groms so that the High Country could become more familiar with our mission and it was a huge success. Thanks Mark!

Lastly, we have started a pilot program at Cranberry Middle School with the help of the physical education teacher who also heads up the school's ski/snowboard club, Mason Morris. We are proud to say that we will be putting the gear to good use and getting it in the hands of kids that need it early this January as they head out for their weeknight club meetup! Thank you Mason!

We cant wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds, and we hope it unfolds with lots of snow!  Check back in for more updates, and we will see you on the hill!
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